Posted by: xxxesmeraldawesome14xxx | September 27, 2010

my father broke up my cellphone!!!


that was the thing in my mind right now i dont know why this thing happen in my life i hate my mother and father right know and i know in my self that i cannot forgive them for all the problem that they brought in my life they are the reason why im striving to study and get a high grades but they serve as a destroyer of my life and dreams last night he got mad at me telling that i am not worth to be his daughter but in my part i know how much i value and love them with all my heart i am willing to sacrifice and die for them but why? my mother was addict to card games and lost our money both of them have no work still they spent our money to non sense thing i dont what was im typing right know and if my grammar was correct or wrong haisxztt… iah te them so much….


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