Posted by: xxxesmeraldawesome14xxx | June 4, 2009

Moments oF fiRst Day iN sChooL

June 1, 2009

As early of 6:00 am i woke up and then eat break fast after that took a bath.It’s not easy to go to school for a long time vication.

I felt uncomfortable when i rode a jeep but this the time to go back to school.But at those moment im so excited to see my classmate when i entered in the gate of our school my eyes keep on searching what something new in our school.

Suddenly I realize that there’s no something new.I search my line so that I was able to see my classmate.When i saw them we shout each other.

Our first topic is…. “Boys over Flowers” my classmate is so fanatic to this drama.When I cruck a joke “Kim Bum is mine he is my boyfriend” many of them against me hehehehe….

When the flag ceremony start we sang our national anthem and so on.After that our principal start to discuss how to watch our hands and sang the song happy birthday.It’s so funny but washing hands will get rid to A(h1N1).

The bell rang it’s time to go our respective classroom.We met our teacher first is Ms. Cagaanan teacher in “english” second is Bb. Pioquid teacher in “Filipino” our class adviser… etc…


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