Posted by: xxxesmeraldawesome14xxx | May 31, 2009

Back to School (sy:2009-2010) I’m graduating student!

Tomorrow is another day!!!

As a student i should i wake up early in the morning at 5:0back-to-school0 am.And go to school exactly at 6:00 because our time is 7:00.So i should go there early to the givent time.

I am a graduating student (4th year high school) I know that it’s not easy to became senior because i will encounter many problems in school.Like a hard times in subject.My weakness is Math in fourth year our math is “Trigonometry” wHooo….. i hope I’ll study it easily

The second subject for me is Science the sciemce in fourthyear is “Physics” OMG!!!

Hoping that its easy like chemistry.because in 3rd year i like the most subject is Chemistry….

But no matter what my weakness is it i will do everything to funish my study..

For the mean time i want to say Goodbye to this blog.Because i will not anymore visit it but i will find ways to do it.

And to Kim Bum goodbye…

Your my Prince and I’m your princess….

hehehehehhe just kidding!!!


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