Posted by: xxxesmeraldawesome14xxx | May 28, 2009

Kim Bum have a girlfriend take a look at this picture!



i was so shocked!

is it true!!!



  1. I think this picture was made in the past. He looks way younger here. Girl is sure the lucky one 😉

  2. is it true that kim bum has a girlfriend in age of 19 yrs.old .i know he is born in july 7.1989 , you know i’m just a kid .i’m just 8 yrs.old you know that, bla bla bla it’s disgusting kim bum kissed his girlfriend i’m soooooo shocked i don’t know that kim bum has a girlfriend in my entire life just kidding!!!


    • i think it is true because kim bum is a handsome man so
      it’s no possible if he have his girlfriend it was a past
      relationship but currently he dont have a girlfriend.

  3. shocks . kagulat nman ean . kedere . bqt di pnaqta eun face nhan gurL ?? err . :((

  4. In a recent interview he said HE NEVER HAD A GIRLFRIEND NOR BEEN IN LOVE! Is he just lying about his personal life? OMG. Be HONEST, KIM BUM. 😐

    • i think he is….
      coz he is handsome man how come he doesnt goes

      in any relationship…

  5. hi……. your so cute in this pic. can u b my friend?………

  6. i really wish that Kim Bum will ask Kim So Eun as his Girlfriend, cause they look so cute together!and, it’s disgusting kissing a girl. and he doesn’t look good there!

  7. hay, i envy the girl in this picture , ha ha, kim bum is a good looking man so it’s not strange to have girlfriends, he can have 1 million or 100 million girlfriend and he can kiss all his girlfriend but this is the only one soul mate for him, with deepest love, i’m curious about who can be his soul mate? Me or You, or anyone? 😛 juz kidding 😛 😛

  8. I can’t believe that. Because I love him.

  9. hmmpp i hope i am yhe girl there!!
    kim is so handsome and young i love him so much

  10. who’s that girl… dUh!!! why did they cover the face of the girl…
    its should be me and not that girl there…
    bwahahahaha… just joking! hehe

    tAkE cArE!!!

  11. Wow! Yeah, I agree with everybody. He does look young. I was disappointed to see this picture. Well, yeah she sure was a lucky girl to have him, he looks like a great guy to have for a boyfriend. I’m jealous! I wish I was her!

  12. Maybe this isn’t his girlfriend just a friend…… a really close friend

  13. OMG thats true

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