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all about Kim Bum from A to Z it so exciting!


Different from other children, Kim Bum isn’t the type to get excited from seeing a celebrity. Once, while accompanying a friend to Korea Film Awards the only thought he had was “why am I here? I wasn’t in the movie.” But from his seat on the second floor he saw the blessings the celebrities gave each other and the happiness they shared and the young Kim Bum thought it very special. For the first time, he felt that he also wanted to be part of something so special and thus he wanted to become an actor.

Kim Bum isn’t that interested in fashion and especially dislikes short-sleeve shirts and high waisted pants. Yet he still enjoys shopping.

Because of having to constantly participate in filming, it is impossible for Kim bum to regularly attend classes and get to go to group dates[fellowship]. He really admires other students who can. When he’s not working, Kim Bum works hard in his studies and hopes to go on a group date[fellowship] at least once before graduating college.

Kim Bum’s personal homepage title is very unique — “To satisfy people’s want to laugh and cry, actors can give up their freedom.” In his university, Kim bum once wrote a piece with the theme, “The Desire of Mankind.” He found the theme very interesting and so he put the quote on his homepage.

When dating, Kim Bum feels that mutual understanding is the most important.

Kim bum was a soccer player in middle school, having full support from his mother. But his father is a very conservative man and was against the idea of soccer and thought he should only study.

Kim Bum likes cute girls who are shorter than him. Because of work, he constantly has older women around him. Perhaps this is why he prefers older women because he feels more at ease around them.

When filming East of Eden, Kim Bum would often go to the filming site and watch through the little screen even if he has no scenes to film that day. It makes him feel happy, he says. Plus, he really doesn’t want to just sit at home.

Kim Bum’s parents never helped him out. It was all his idea to become an actor and he went around everywhere participating in various auditions. Only when he realized that his own efforts had limitations did he find an agent.

Kim Bum listens to Anzen-Chitai’s songs regularly and really likes Ken Hirai’s Close Your Eyes from the Japanese movie Sekai no Chuushin de Ai o Sakebu.

Kim Bum is actually his stage name, his real name is Kim Sang Bum.

Kim Bum was class president and soccer team leader, he gets along with others very well. He doesn’t like to follow others but like to encourage people to join him in his activities.

Kim Bum majors in performing arts/acting in Chung An University because he wants to be an even better actor.

Even though he isn’t at school often he maintains a good relationship with his school mates. Filming usually finishes before night time but even if it lasts until then, if there are friends around the area, he would go visit them.

Lee Soon-jae is a respectable senior and is also Kim Bum’s goal. They first met at the set of Unstoppable Highkick and while working Kim Bum was able to chat and learn from Lee Soon-jae.

Kim Bum played piano for a long time when he was young but stopped for almost 10 years. He picked it up again when he watched Jay Zhou in Secrets, which made a lasting impression on him.


When asked what role he would want the most after becoming a college student, Kim Bum replied that he would like to act in something that his friend and him writes. He finds planning, directing, acting, and publicizing all by oneself very attractive.

In the 5th episode of East of Eden, the running scene still leaves him in fear. Because he was filming in Macau, he ran for 10-12 hours resulting in a heat stroke and was admitted into the hospital. After receiving treatment he immediately started filming again. Plus Macau is very hot which leaves a irritable mood in people, so he put in a lot of effort into this scene.

Kim Bum likes to smile/laugh a lot when he’s with his friends but not so much around strangers.

He is a person of a lot of ideas, you play when you play and work when you work. Once he starts something, he must finish it.

Once in order to get his father’s understanding, Kim Bum studied hard to achieve excellent academic performance on his tests. When he saw his grade report, he said to his father: “I have achieved the score father wants, so now I watch to walk the road I choose.”

A good point of Kim Bum is that he never gives up, but this may also be his weak point. If he sets his mind to something, he has to make it happen, he can only trust his ambitions.

When Kim Bum’s on a bus or subway, he likes to observe the people around him. Because he can’t talk to them, he can only imagine why people move a certain way based on their subtle expressions and actions.

Kim Bum has someone that he really likes and respects: Jo In-sung, who is also the only actor he liked before debut. Kim Bum says, “In Sung Sunbae also debuted at 19 and started acting at a young age. Through each movie/drama, you can see him grow which is very charming. I have prepared a lot from Unstoppable Highkick to East of Eden and hope to grow too.”

Since birth Kim Bum has been a sort of flower boy who has a very pretty smile. When he smiles, his eyes will follow and smile too. Even if he was held by a neighbor, he would still smile brilliantly. A very loving child.

Kim Bum who likes to exercise a lot has been in a lot of car accidents. His number one pain/fear is to be unable to play sports. So every time he recovers, he’ll immediately start to play sports and exercise again.

original text: kimbeomCHN
english text: exotsia. @ KBIF



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