Posted by: xxxesmeraldawesome14xxx | May 19, 2009

the perfect nose of Lee Min Ho is fake! is it true?



is it true! i cannot belive it is happen!

i thought he has perfect nose!


Today on Starnews Korea, a picture showing Lee with two plastic surgeons surfaced on the Internet. Why was he at the clinic? What did he get done?

Speculations point to Lee Min-ho’s nose. Well, if you’ve been one (like me) who has admired his high straight perfect nose, it might not be all genes. He might have had some help from the very skillful Korean plastic surgeons. Self appointed detectives revealed that Min-ho had his nose done on 17th December, 2007.

In a recent talk show program featuring celebrities BEFORE and AFTER surgery, a surgeon remarked that it is possible Min-ho went to correct a small bump in his nose.

But in a recent interview, Lee Min-ho mentioned that he has not done any plastic surgery and is in fact 100% natural.



  1. AHH ! noo i cant believe this ! AHH !

    • what ever he is cute and i love his smile…….

  2. It doesn’t matter anyway. But then again, another F4 member LIED. MY GOSHHH! LMH could’ve just tell the truth!

  3. doesnt matter..he is an icon so there’s nothing wrong to make yourself more good looking..that is the celebrities job to look good in camera..and its not only the face that he has..he kno to act as well..
    more power to lee min ho..

  4. i cannot believe

  5. You are very handsomes! But you made nose !
    It is not ok! This is very ugly ! I like you but
    i don`t like you real nose ! More actor made their nose ! YOu are very busy? You will come my country ! My country name is myanmar ! YOu
    come but !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. You are very handsome! But you made nose !
    It is not OK! This is very ugly ! I like you but
    i don`t like you real nose ! More actor made their nose ! You are very busy? You will come my country ! My country name is Myanmar ! You
    come but !

  7. Hi!

    you are luky for every thing !

  8. gpp!

  9. Halloww Min Hoo…

    You are so handsome….
    When you come to Indonesia…..
    I Love You so much…..

    Miss U…..
    Some Kiss for U…

  10. Lee min ho,what do you do about your body.. I still love You.. Min ho,love yo so much!

  11. Min hoo…
    How are u ???
    my name cut putry from aceh…
    lee min hoo…
    U my favoryt…
    Like this….??
    I love u so much….

  12. Lee min ho…
    I’m euLiz from indonesia…
    I love you so much…
    You is very cute, sweet, and handsome…
    When do you come to indonesia??
    I hope you reply massege from me..

  13. Although you change your nose, I can’t hate you..

    I love u more and more….

  14. hi minho- saranghe…… super idol kita grave .hope mahug at makiss kita in person.

    • hai lee min hoo i;m ulfa from indonesia i like you because you very….very handsomeplease come to indonesian

  15. Haiii .,min ho. What you see your fans,so lovely,suport,and anything possitif about you.lucky handsome and multi tallen,so perfec…..,via hope you read my mesege..min ho.come to indonesia..look bali…oke..miss you

  16. i really like your style

  17. keun bae we atuh… ari kasep keneh mah..!!!
    riweuh2 teuing!!!!

  18. lee min hoo i’m ulfa from indonesia i like yoy so much because you hamdsome

  19. loveeeeeeeeee………you………kk minho…….

  20. i love u hahahahahah

  21. Lee min ho…
    I’m mayzin from Myanmar
    I love you so much…
    You is very cute, sweet, and handsome…
    When do you come to myanmar??
    I hope you reply massege from me..

  22. i love u so much Lee min Hoo but i dun like only one thing about u thats you”r so thing

  23. Although I like ur action,but don’t look many movies u took.I’ld to listen ur other news

  24. it doesn’t matter for me!!
    i still like your action in BBF !!

    power to you,,
    love you…!!

  25. the story likes mine.
    cute but …………….

  26. lee min hoo is very very hot

  27. I think its fine coz its ur life ‘n’ its ur wish.but still SARANGEYO A LOT.[luv u]1000000000000000000000000000000000000

  28. you know what min ho i don’t like people’s fake but your very kind and you have a beautiful a filipino but have a chinese and spanish blood from my dad and spanish blood also from my mom and even i have a blood in chinese your korean cousins right?but i love your languages than chinese and spanish?sorry chinese and spanish but i love you both than korean.iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  29. LEE MIN HO hi! Я тебя очень сильно люблю! Микоша из КАЗАХСТАНА

  30. Hello how are you lee min ho I like u because u very,very,very, handsome and cute ! ! !

  31. doesnt matter… u r still the cutest one

  32. hai po i am jejemon hehehehehehehehehe

  33. hi…min deepsika frm india..frst u r so handsme n so cute, i luved ur smile u come to india..if ur nt coming den plz plz plzzzzzzzzz msg for me..i’ll always waiting for ur reply…nd one thing,,abt ur doesn’t matter for me…so plz msg meh..plz plzzz…bye…

  34. Hi… Min ho..
    My name’s ristin from indonesia. I love u so much..
    Kpn berkunjung ke jakarta?

  35. hey i m a dying fan of urs so accept me as ur freind if it possible plz send me ur mail id

  36. is it true u did plastic surgery?watever u look very smart n cool.

  37. yuck FAKE….

  38. no it’s not true. he did not do a plastic surgery. look at the pic. closely. as u can see, it’s another person who look like another person. The chin and the lips on the left of the pic. is a little bigger or a little chubbier than the right which is the real Lee Min Ho on the right.

  39. all about your nose,hair,face n bla…bla….no prblem!!coz your still the beby

  40. Hi!My name is Aknur, from Kazakstan.I love you!

  41. Why?
    I don’t belive
    I believe it’s natural lee min ho’nose*okokok
    You’re is my favorite actor in korea:)
    You’re the handsome actor…

  42. i dont believe this is not true…
    even he did that i still like him….and even though he was not handsome i still like him not bec he is handsome but bec he has a good personality…i love you lee min ho….

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