Posted by: xxxesmeraldawesome14xxx | May 15, 2009

Kim Bum have a new Drama “Dream”

Kim bum (2)

We’re assuming it’s to finally get a lead role in a drama.
If that’s the case, then dream accomplished because Kim Bum has been cast as the male lead for the new ‘SBS’ drama, ‘Dream’.

Don’t expect to see the sweet playboy image he portrayed in the ‘Boys over Flower’ drama because this time he’s going to be the tough “fighter”. Reportedly, Kim Bum chose to star in ‘Dream’ in order to drop the ‘So Yi-jung’ image that the ‘BOF’ drama.

‘Dream’ will be a sports drama about a K-1 athlete (Kim Bum) who is released from a reformatory facility and a sports agent (Joo Jin-mo) who work together to overcome hardships and their road to success. Currently, there is word that Son Dam-bi will also star in the drama as Kim Bum’s love interest and daughter of the K-1 gym director but nothing has been confirmed.

Dream’ is scheduled to air after the current Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Ja Myung-go’.

Kim Bum’s had pretty good luck with projects — Unstoppable High Kick, East of Eden, Boys Before Flowers — and we’ll see if he can keep the streak going with his new drama. He’s just announced his next role, in the SBS Monday-Tuesday drama Dream [드림], which also stars Joo Jin-mo (200 Pound Beauty) and pop singer Sohn Dam-bi.

In Dream, Kim Bum will shed his pretty-boy image for a tough guy who spent time in a juvenile correctional facility and now practices mixed martial arts. Because the role calls for lots of skin-baring scenes (topless fighting Kim Bum?!?), he’s busy working out to get into top shape. The drama tells the story of the young man’s journey alongside a sports agent (Joo Jin-mo) as both struggle to overcome hardship and succeed. Sohn Dam-bi plays the daughter of a martial arts director.

Honestly, I have no idea if this drama will be good. Joo Jin-mo is sexy, yes, but Sohn Dam-bi is a pop singer with no proven acting skills. (Not saying she can’t have ‘em, just saying I’m not convinced.) But I’m definitely going to be looking forward to Kim Bum demonstrating some good acting, because I think Boys Before Flowers was a horrible example of what he’s capable of (for which I blame the director).

I find a little hope in its production team: Dream will be written by Jung Hyung-soo (Jumong, Damo) and directed by Baek Soo-chan (Tazza, Golden Bride). The drama will air in September.


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