Posted by: xxxesmeraldawesome14xxx | May 13, 2009

tomorrow is my birth day!!!

20050713_08_BirthdayCakeTomorrow is my birth day i hope i have this cake.But its okey if i dont have.As long my family is always there for me in sadness and happiness.Thank you to all my classmate who advance greet me in my friendster.Im so very thankful that i have all of you in my life.I hope our friendship will still the same no matter what happen.

Take a look at the comment of my friend!


Posted 05/12/2009 10:22 pm

,..’.eOw pO’h te eSme,.. ‘phiE b-dAy pO’h,.. ,’wiSh yOu oL da bEst,.. ‘,ngAt kA nLng pRati cOz nPaka xpeciaL mO pO tLaga samiN, hehE^_^,.. ‘,..guD day oLwayS,..

‘,..kA’b-day mO pO pLa c meRa’,.? ^_^
‘,.gUeh pO yuN Lng,..,
,.’.enxA pO aLang gift, hehE^_^



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