Posted by: xxxesmeraldawesome14xxx | April 21, 2009

Lee Dong Gun Stuck in My hEart…


Since chose color (red) from my font that means love from lee dong gun.I watch his first koreanovela here in Philippines “Sweet 18/Nah Rang 18” first time i saw his face in television i have a big crush on him i was only 12 y/o at the time now im 16 y/o this feelings never die.I want to see him face to face as matter of fact i want to go to Korea right now to meet him in person.But i dont have financial capability to fly to Korea hahahaha! I know that someday i will see him no matter what happen.Sweet 18 is my favorite koreanovela i also love Han Ji Hye whose being girlfriend of Lee Dong Gun.But i have read in many article they broke up already.Im so sad because of this.I want Han Ji Hye and Lee Dong Gun back they are the cutest couple in Korea.Before this matter Lee Dong Gun youngest brother stabbed in Sydney it was a very unforgetable moment for Lee Dong Gun as i watch his video in youtube about the funeral of his bro. i saw him sad and cry.Then i notice that i ahve tears that falling in my face.its hard for me to see how my i dol crying.If i have a chance i will comfort him from that time.As i continue surfing the net and update the life of my love Lee Dong Gun he wants to marry as soon as possible because he wants to get rid to many tragic happening ti his life.Before to enter to military exercise co’z all korean man at age 28-30 if im not mistaken will go to this exercise.The first question that comes to my mind is he fully recover? I dont really know why he wants to marry! But if this a reason to become Lee Dong Gun happy go on! I hope i am the bride! hehehehe! Lol!



  1. I Love You so much

  2. Sarangeyo lee dong gun

  3. I miss You lee dong gun

  4. wow so cute,………………………

  5. i love your all drams and i hope to see more

  6. mmmmmmmmmmmm

  7. I am smiling when reading you message. It seems like my thought as well. Many girls and ladies may think the same as you. I am so proud for him. I wonder what is his feeling to know that many girls and laies are please him……



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